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Having Faith Through the Storm

“Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen” –Hebrews 11:1.

Faith Through the Storm — By John Harrell

Does God exist?

I believe most of us have wrestled with God’s existence during our lives. We are taught that God is love so, how could a loving God allow death, divorce, ruined lives through exploitation, and innumerable other devastations? Personally, I have a scientific mind, so I question everything. And in science there are no answers, only more questions! 

Several years ago, I was having a conversation with a client who is a brilliant scientist. At one point we began discussing faith. My client said, “you know, as a scientist I’m really sort of an atheist. I believe in what I can demonstrate scientifically, and that doesn’t leave much room for a deity.” I said, “Fair enough. But consider this: have you ever experienced love?” He smiled and replied, “Of course.” I calmly asked him to write out the chemical formula for love. As he considered my request I said, “this is what faith looks like. You know something is real even though you can’t prove it.” 

Consider the disciples for a moment. The disciples had a front row seat to watch Jesus heal the sick, restore eyesight to the blind, make the lame walk, cast out demons and even bring Lazarus back to life. Lazarus had been dead for four days! Yet the disciples were overwhelmed with fear when Jesus was arrested. They ran away and hid. Imagine how confused they had to be, knowing what power Jesus held, but didn’t use it when arrested. He even allowed the Roman soldiers to kill Him. In Mark 14:27 we read where Jesus had warned them by saying, “Your faith will be shaken.” I believe this message is intended for us, too. After all, it’s easy to have strong, practically unshakeable faith when things are going well, right? But when things turn dark…

Jesus is the master at bringing us back when we are fearful and full of doubt. When He rose from the dead, Jesus restored and redeemed the disciples. Their spirits were renewed, their faith solid. Some of the disciples died horribly because of their now unshakeable faith

I know it is frustrating when it seems like God is silent, distant and not working in our lives. When we feel this way, our invisible enemy is working overtime to feed our doubts and fears. Don’t fall for it. God never gets tired, never stops working, even when we can’t see it.

Let us always remember Isaiah 60:22: “When the time is right, I, The Lord, will make it happen.”

Written by John Harrell

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