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Daily Devotion: We Choose the Day; It Doesn’t Choose Us–Psalm 118:24

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” –Psalm 118:24.

Daily Devotion: What kind of day you will have is up to you…

Regardless of how things appear today, God is greater than any situation we find ourselves in. Every day that we’re alive is a divine gift from God. What we do with the time we’re given is our choice; our responsibility.

The way we welcome each new day will play a vital role in our attitude towards life as a whole. Fortunately for us, our frame of mind is not something we have to leave to fate or coincidence. God has given us the ability to choose our frame of mind and the kind of day we want to have. We can choose to meet each day with worry and fret or with joy, excitement and anticipation. When we choose a good attitude, we choose a happy and victorious life. Exactly what God had planned.

Heavenly Father, help us to choose happiness, gratitude and your peace every day of our lives. As You exhort in Psalm 90:12, teach us to number our days so we will be wise and fruitful. In Your Holy Name we pray, amen.

1 comment on “Daily Devotion: We Choose the Day; It Doesn’t Choose Us–Psalm 118:24

  1. mattmjpaine

    I think most people try to start out being happy and starting each day new. I think God has built that into us as his children. Where we go wrong is when we let others or situations take our happiness from us. It is important as we work thru the day that we remember that God has our backs and that he is in control and not us. We all have the illusion of control because it makes us feel more secure. When we realize that everything that happens is part of Gods plan, it will make it easier for us to deal with any situation in a positive and productive way I like to think of it as Gods tests for us to grow and help others do the same as part of the same big family. As the day draws near for us to sleep, we should thank God for giving us another day to live and be part of his plan on earth!

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