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The Battle Between the Inbox and Time with God

I try to start my mornings reading the Bible. It starts the day off on the right foot, my mind becomes sharper, my heart lighter, hope is greater…and, I fall in love with Jesus all over again. Sadly though, there are many times (more times I care to count) I find excuses not to begin with Him. ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I’ll be late,’ ‘I’ll do it later.’ Truth is though, I did have time…and, later never came. The reality? I choose other things. The biggest culprit? My inbox. I get lost in it and time slips away. It’s okay, I’m human and it happens. But, I have to be careful how many free-passes I give myself. I have to make sure that ‘getting lost’ is the rarity and not the norm. The world will never remind me (or you) to spend time with God; and the enemy certainly won’t either–he’ll do everything to distract us. So, we must protect ourselves (Phil 2:12). We must remind ourselves how important time with God actually is (most important!). We have to be realistic and recognize that we don’t have the time not to spend with Him. Without Him, we will inevitably lose our way…time and time again. In order for us to live our best days, the life we’ve always wanted and the life God intended for us, we must align ourselves with His will. The key to finding His will is to listen for (and obey) His voice. And we’ll hear it by spending daily quiet time with Him. A time we’re able to step away and have total concentration.

Reading just one chapter of Scripture this morning immediately re-aligned my mind and heart with His. He gently set my foot on a sturdy rock and gave me a firm place to stand (Psalm 40:2). My worried and anxious thoughts melted away in the tranquility of His very real presence. In promises of grace and protection. And, I find myself once again at total Peace. The complete opposite feeling after time with my inbox, by the way. That can wait. God can not.

*This morning’s reading: Matthew Chapter 8 — Healing and Faith.

“…a centurion approached Him and appealed to Him saying, “Lord, my servant is lying at home…suffering dreadfully.” [Jesus] said to Him, “I will come and cure Him.” The centurion said in reply, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof; [but] only say the word and my servant will be healed” -Matthew 8:5-8.

Faith and humility–> healing—> victory. Thank you, Jesus!

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