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Living Water – The Best Kind of Water During Uncertain Times

As we all try and navigate these confusing times, many of us are all ready suffering from information fatigue. We’ve been bombarded with not just the news, but tweets, posts, blogs (this highly informative and entertaining one being the exception), messages, emails and just about any form of electronic communication that has ever been invented. These missives are filled with frightening words like virus, death tolls, infected cases and quarantine along with confusing terms like social distancing and shelter in place. It seems like we can’t go more than an hour or two without finding out that another set of businesses will be shutting their doors to customers and I have forced myself to ignore the stock market numbers because it’s just too hard to watch.

For business owners and managers such as me; we seem to go from hard to decision to harder decision in the time it takes to refill my coffee cup. Boy, I really hope stores don’t run out of coffee the way they have toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  Glad Amazon brought me my new bag of Jarhead Java today! We are all going through situations that may very well define our generation. Depending on which expert, scientist, news report or story you choose to believe this pandemic could stretch on quite a bit longer than anyone thought possible even a few weeks ago. While we try to process the latest information, often while still trying to adjust our routine and lives to the last update, the overload can push us beyond our capacity.

But while I marvel that in a time of the most technologically advanced civilization in Earth’s history that the best and strongest advice for stopping this outbreak is wash your hands with soap and water, let me give you some equally simple yet highly effective advice for dealing with these uncertain times. Read your bible and pray. That’s it, not some big complex plan but simply sticking with the basics. As I wrote in an article for this site, God isn’t surprised by this. If you spend time in scripture and meditative prayer, you’ll be amazed at how transformative that can be. Even this very evening, I found myself in my office on my knees praying to the Lord and was amazed at how refreshing it was to my spirit. John 7:38 promises that streams of living water will flow from our heart, that water can restore our minds and our souls when they are worn down. That living water can revive us and give us hope when everything else seems so bleak. If you’re like me, you’ve washed your hands more times in the last week than you have in the first two months of this year. I encourage you to wash your spirit and your mind in the living water of prayer and God’s word even more! It truly is the pause that refreshes.

Your brother in Christ, Dean

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