Why Should I Read the Bible?–A Personal Testimony

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world-C. S. Lewis.

Why Should I Read the Bible?–A Personal Testimony

We live in a “look at me” culture. People go to great lengths to draw attention to themselves. But why? Are we looking for external validation to resolve something inside of us? Perhaps. There are literally millions of self-help books designed to motivate us or help us find the inner peace we crave. Advertisers tell us that if we wear a certain brand of clothing, drink a certain beer or drive the right car, we will be forever happy and not have a care in the world. All our problems will simply melt away. With so many resources available which promise to give us “the answer we are looking for,” why haven’t we been able to fix ourselves? It’s very simple. We are looking in the wrong place. 

A Book was crafted over a period of 2,000 years by 40 different authors. The Book is weaved together perfectly and precisely, which is a remarkable feat considering most of the authors did not know each other and lived several generations apart. What we are searching for, from inspiration to peace of mind are in this Book. Every word is true. This is the Word of God. Again, the answer to every situation in life we face, from our relationships, our finances, physical health and yes, our inner peace are found in The Bible.

For a long time, I resisted reading The Bible. I thought it was boring, full of “thees, thous and begets,” and I was going to be lectured and full of guilt after I read it. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. The Bible is full of rich stories of fighters and war, murder, adultery, wisdom, miracles, and the redemption of the human race. There’s even a talking donkey! It is the ultimate guidebook on how to live a fulfilling life. And this will not ruin it for you, the good guys win in the end. 

The Bible can be intimidating if you have never read it. I encourage you to invest in a study Bible written in plain English. Personally, I use the Tony Evans Study Bible along with Evans’ Bible Commentary. The Commentary explains and contextualizes what you read in the Study Bible. Start with the Book of John. Study the life of Jesus, the Messiah the Jews had been promised and the Savior of the world (“God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him”-John 3:17).

Read a little every day (full disclosure – I skip over the ‘beget’ stuff. I am not a pastor, so I don’t need to know the chronology). Let the words seep into the depths of your mind. As this happens, your life will be transformed in ways unimaginable, a little at a time. Your life will become richer and more fulfilling. Reading the Bible and following Jesus will not make you weird and you won’t start dressing funny. I doubt you will feel compelled to go stand on a street corner with a big sign that says “repent!” No. You will still be you, but you will become a better version of yourself. 

Life is a journey, and never a destination. Our final destination is the world C. S. Lewis wrote about. Until then, we have a guidebook to help us through this difficult, challenging life we live in this world.

Written by John Harrell