Tracie Jones

Tracie Jones

Tracie Jones is the founder of be Boutique PR, a digital marketing & PR company.  She is also a social media & online strategy coach to entrepreneurs across the US as well as the founder of “The Biography of Beauti Blog”, a blog dedicated to uplifting women. She is a dynamic speaker and author.  

Tracie has authored/co-authored two books for business. Her first, “Success Chronicles: Entrepreneurs Edition,” released in 2018.  Her second book, “be in Motion; The Unstoppable Force of Your DNA Business Fingerprint,” released in 2019. Tracie is currently writing her 3rd book and 1st faith driven piece, “Hope Attack”, her story of surviving a heart attack.

As a heart attack survivor, Tracie is passionate about educating women on the signs and early detection of heart disease.

Tracie’s walk with the Lord began incredibly early as a child; at 8 years old witnessing to adult neighbors.  Today at 54, to say she has walked through many trails is an understatement but with each God always had her hand.  Tracie has spent her life devoted to helping other women know the Lord and understand His forgiveness, grace and ultimately guilt is not of Him.  More recently, Tracie have been ministering to young girls and moms of young girls to help them understand their worth.  Tracie has shared her story of love, loss and forgiveness in churches across Texas.

Tracie and her Love, John, live in Dallas, TX.  Tracie has one son, Austin, the light of her life.