Psalm 91's Power

Psalm 91 is one of the most powerful and foundational chapters throughout the entire body of Holy Scripture; a powerful resource of life-changing information designed solely with YOU in mind.  This body of work is intended for every single person seeking real and lasting joy, happiness, blessing and divine peace in their lives.

A special place to grow and pray for one another, Psalm 91 is specially designed with you in mind.

We believe it is impossible to grow spiritually without spending regular time with God and His Word—the Holy Bible.  Hearing Scripture on Sunday’s and occasionally in-between is simply not enough in the world in which we live.  We must feed on it regularly and without fail to drown out and ultimately be victorious over the enemy’s lies.

Each and every person is called to a “higher calling,” namely, the curing of other souls through divine Wisdom, word and action.  We are lovingly called, yet actively pursued, to play our part in God’s salvation-efforts here on earth.  With that in mind, Psalm 91 strives to serve as an encouraging, enlightening and challenging platform for all—no matter where you happen to be on your faith journey.  We sincerely hope that all who visit will acquire a greater knowledge and understanding of biblical truth, the transformative power of Holy Scripture, a stronger faith, deeper relationship with God and so so much more.

Psalm 91 is your home; a place to unite, grow and sojourn with one another to higher heights and deeper depths.  It is our sincere prayer that by daily visits and interactions  with one another with the content herein your soul will be nurtured, strongholds broken,  and the strengthening of your intimate and mystifying walk with Jesus Christ.

We are blessed to be on this journey with you.
Welcome to the Psalm 91 Family!