Powerful Prayer to St. Richard

Powerful Prayer to St. Richard

“Glorious St. Richard,

You are an outstanding example of Divine Love
and Faith. Your greatest pleasure was in
rendering service to others, and your charity
to the poor commands great admiration.

Please intercede for us so that we may
persevere in Faith and Love and
become sharers of your heavenly glory.

St. Richard, Pray for us!

About St. Richard

St. Richard was born in 1197 at Wyche, near Worcestershire, England. His father died when he was young and the family estate fell close to ruin. Richard took over the management of the property and restored it to good condition allowing him to pursue an education at Oxford.

He continued his studies in Paris and then in Italy where he dedicated himself to the study of canon law and received his doctorate in law at Bologna. He was elected Chancellor of the University of Oxford in 1235 and later chancellor to Edmund Rich, Archbishop of Canterbury. St. Richard accompanied Edmund to the Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny, France after opposing the king about vacant sees.

Upon Edmund’s death, Richard moved to the Dominican house at Orleans where he taught and studied theology and was finally ordained in 1243. He returned to England where he was named chancellor to Boniface of Savoy, Edmund’s successor. Upon the death of the Bishop of Chichester in 1244, Boniface recommended to the chapter to elect Richard. However, King Henry III opposed and refused Richard the temporalities of his see basically leaving him homeless. He relied on the charity of his clergy until he was finally allowed to take his duties as Bishop in 1246 when the Pope threatened to excommunicate Henry III.

As Bishop, Richard gave away most of his money to the poor and compiled a number of statutes to bring discipline among the clergy concerning the regulation of the sacraments and church privileges. He lived a very simple, holy life. It is told that once, while saying Mass, he dropped the chalice and nothing spilled. The Pope appointed him to preach the crusade in London.

While traveling to Dover to dedicate a new church to St. Edmund, Richard became sick. He died the morning after the consecration on April 3, 1253. He was canonized by Pope Urban IV in 1262.

Feat Day: April 3
Name Meaning: “Powerful Rich Ruler”
Patron Saint of: Coachmen