Examination of Conscience: Imperfection

What are imperfections?
According to the Catholic faith

Imperfections are not sins so they do not need to be confessed. It is not always easy to make the distinction between venial sins and imperfections; and is good to be aware of what imperfections are because as one grows in the spiritual life, the imperfections, voluntary and involuntary, become areas where attention must be given in prayer. For this reason a few examples of imperfections are included here.

Examples of Imperfections:

  • Trying to control things rather than seek God’s will
  • Not trying to grow spiritually; being content with mediocrity
  • Embarrassment of being Catholic
  • Failure to defend the Church when ridiculed
  • Failing to accept or offer up suffering
  • Not trying to practice recollection or the frequent remembrance of God’s presence
  • Failing to spend extra time on Sunday for prayer and study of the Faith
  • Not trying to cultivate peace in the family
  • Taking one’s spouse for granted
  • Not praying for those entrusted to your care
  • Failing to pray for those in authority over you, e.g., parents, teachers, employers, government officials, etc.
  • Impatience
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco (when it is a habit)
  • Lack of punctuality
  • Failure to pray for deceased parents or relatives
  • Failure to pray for sinners

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