Verse of the Day: Joshua 1:9

Verse of the Day: November 5th — Joshua 1:9

“I command you:
be strong and steadfast!
Do not fear nor be dismayed,
for the Lord, your God,
is with you wherever you go”.

–Joshua 1:9

If we truly believed that God was with us wherever we went, would we ever worry? Would we stress about the future and what negative things might happen? Absolutely not. Every moment of our lives would feel secure and we’d confidently accept the new assignments and challenges God laid forth. You see, fear limits us. It freezes our mind and spirit and prevents us from making progress. Believing that God is with us however, is the difference between fear and no fear. So if you are feeling fearful today, anxious about the future and what lies ahead, what does that tell you? Somewhere along the line faith has begun to waiver. But you can change all of that today by feeding on God’s Word. He will faithfully remind you that you have nothing to fear; that He is with you wherever you go.

My friend, the Lord is with you today. He always has been with you — and He always will be. The question is, do you believe Him? When He was performing a healing miracle, Jesus said: “Let it be done for you according to your faith” (Matt. 9:29). The fruit of God’s power was activated by faith. Jesus is commanding you to be “strong and steadfast” today because He knows that with faith you have nothing to worry about. So allow this Verse of the Day to strengthen you with the promise that God stands beside you wherever you go.

Today’s Prayer

“Lord, Jesus, thank You for Your patience with us; for not giving up on us during times of our weakness and unbelief. You have called us to be strong and steadfast warriors, persevering in faith, in all circumstances; and so it is our humble prayer to be strengthened in faith just as You had done for Joshua. Please align our will with Your divine will and give us the courage not to hesitate on your prompting. We believe You are with us always, and therefore forever declare: ‘We shall not fear!’ Our future is in Your hands, Lord, and we trust You. We love You and we thank You. It is in Jesus’ good and Holy Name we pray, Amen.”

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