Powerful Prayer to St. Francis Xavier

Powerful Intercessory Prayer to St. Francis Xavier

Great Saint Francis,
well beloved and full of charity,
in union with you I reverently
adore the Divine Majesty.
I give thanks to God
for the singular gifts of grace
bestowed on you in life and
of glory after death,
and I beg of you,
with all the affection of my heart,
by your powerful intercession,
obtain for me the grace to live
a holy life and die a holy death.
I beg you to obtain for me …

(mention your petition).

But if what I ask is not for
the glory of God and for my
well-being, obtain for me,
I beseech you,
what will more certainly
attain these ends.

About Saint Francis Xavier

St. Francis came from a wealthy family and studied at the University of Paris. There he met St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose rigorous spiritual lifestyle at first gave him second thoughts about entering into religious life. Eventually, however, at the age of 28, he entered St. Ignatius’s new Society of Jesus and became one of the first seven Jesuits to take his vows.

Six years later, he was sent out as a missionary to India and Japan. He was ship wrecked three times, often spent days without food and was attacked by the Muslims. He ministered to the sick and imprisoned, taught children, and worked to correct the immoral lifestyle which the Europeans who lived in that area of the world were engaged in.

He journeyed through India preaching and working miracles, and even raised the dead to life. Francis had always dreamed of evangelizing China, but became ill and died on an island off the coast of China. St. Francis baptized hundreds of thousands of people, destroyed forty thousand idols in the pagan East, built over 100 Churches and raised about 25 people from the dead — all in a span of 10 years.

There are now millions of Catholics in the Orient who can trace their Christian evangelization back to Francis Xavier. He is regarded as the greatest missionary since Saint Paul. His body is preserved incorrupt.

Feast Day

Feast Day: December 3rd
Name Meaning: “The free man”
Patron Saint of: African missions, foreign missions, navigators, parish missions, plague epidemics, propagation of the faith.

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