A Powerful Catholic Prayer Against Spiritual Retaliation

In Your great love and mercy,
pour Thy Precious Blood over me
so that no demon or disembodied spirit
may retaliate against me.

A Powerful Catholic Prayer Against Spiritual Retaliation

If you pay close enough attention you will notice that the more you try and do the will of God and strengthen your union with Him, the angrier the devil will become. If in trying to build virtue, for example, you exchange ego for humility, the demons will fume. In retaliation, they will do everything in their power to wreak havoc in your life, creating situations that aim to invoke anger, strife, unrest, confusion, loss and despair.

To that end, we live in an era where loss is commonplace — the loss of family relationships, friendships, health, jobs and thus financial security, freedom, etc. Loss often leads to disorder first, followed by despair — especially if the loss is not attributed to and the understanding of the sufferings of Christ. The more prevalent the despair and depression seep in, the more a soul finds itself at risk for increased spiritual attacks.

So what do we do? First, we must pray! Prayer is far more powerful than any wile of the devil. Second, we must be wise. We must pray for divine wisdom like King Solomon did, constantly peering behind the veil of this realm into the realm of the spiritual. In so doing, we will begin to recognize who the real culprit behind chaos and confusion is.

Make no mistake, the turmoil raging throughout the world (and in your mind) is a spiritual battle. While oftentimes invisible, this battle is incredibly dangerous because it has one primary goal — the eternal destruction of as many souls as possible. Despair is often an opening for demonic forces to wage war because it causes doubt about God. Faith begins to waver. Soon enough a soul begins to believe the lie of the devil that the mercy of God is not enough. In regards to this, Our Father said to St. Catherine of Siena:

“So the despair of Judas displeased Me more and was a greater insult to My Son than his betrayal had been. Therefore, such as these are reproved for this false judgement of considering their sins to be greater than My mercy, and for this they are punished with the demons and tortured eternally with them.”

(for more, read The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena)

While the Words of the Lord in the previous passage are, on the one hand, strong and sobering, just as they usually are, they serve as a powerful reminder that we have nothing to fear on the other. The truth is and will always remain that our Heavenly Father, the Creator of and Master over all things, is on our side. So whenever you find yourself spiritually heavy or feeling the need to put the devil in his place, pray this Most Powerful Prayer Against Retaliation. It is powerful and efficacious, and you can pray it as often as you need.

Powerful Catholic Prayer Against Spiritual Retaliation

Lord Jesus Christ,
In Your great love and mercy,
pour Thy Precious Blood over me
so that no demon or disembodied spirit
may retaliate against me.

Mary, surround me with thy mantle,
blocking any retaliating spirits from
having any authority over me.

St. Michael,
surround me with thy shield,
so that no evil spirit may take
revenge on me.

Queen of Heaven and St. Michael,
send down the legions of angels
under your command to fight off
any spirits that would seek to
do me harm.

All you saints of Heaven,
impede any retaliating spirit from
influencing me.

Thou are the Just Judge,
the avenger of the wicked,
the Advocate of the Just,
we beg in Thy mercy, that all
we ask of Mary, the angels,
and the Saints of Heaven
be also granted to all our
loved ones, those who pray
for us and their loved ones,
that for Thy Glory’s sake,
we may enjoy Thy perfect

I pray this in the Name of
the Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost.


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