A Powerful Prayer for Hope and Peace

A Powerful Prayer for Hope and Peace

A short yet powerful prayer for hope and for peace. When you are feeling down, tired and anxious, pray these words to Heaven. God loves a humble and contrite heart before Him. He hears you when you pray. And He comes to your aid when you believe.

A Powerful Prayer for Hope and Peace

“Heavenly Father,

I am Your humble servant.
I come before you today in need of hope
and peace.
I need hope for a calm and joyful future.

I need hope for love and kindness;
and I pray for peace and safety,
for my family and for the world.

Some say that the sky is at its darkest
just before the light.
I pray that this is true, for today seems
stormier than usual;
more dim than yesterday.

I need Your Light, Lord, in every way.
The world needs more of You;

more of Your Light and splendor.
I pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit,

to be filled with your Light,
to be filled with Your Wisdom.
Help me to illuminate my own life,
and the world around me,
with Your glory.

Help me to walk courageously
in Your Light, Lord;
to live my life in faith and

in service to others.
To walk according to Your will.
In Your Name, I pray for Hope

and for Peace today.

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  1. beautiful.

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