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There are many ways to ‘love our neighbor’ (Mk 12:30-31) and intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful.

We would love to pray for you.

Please send us your prayer request in the ‘Leave us your comment‘ section below. And may God bless you for your faith.

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in Heaven.” Matthew 18:19.

161 comments on “Prayer Request

  1. Benedict Bassey

    Please pray for my girlfriend,for healing,delivering and protect over family Jesus name Amen.God bless you all.

  2. Anonymous

    Please keep a special baby and her parents in your prayers. Praying for positive results 🙏🏼

  3. Mary Buitron

    I ask you to pray for the healing of several family members who are ill. Please pray for healing of.their bodies, minds, souls and spirits. They are all faithful believers and I ask that you pray for them that they may become even more faithful and that they may spread their faith to others. Amen

  4. Esther Douglas

    i pray for a breakthrough in the hands of my enemies and i pray for financial stability so as to leave a debt free life on earth. Also pray for destiny helpers to locate me and help me.

  5. Anonymous

    Good day. Am comfort okyere, a pastors wife from Ghana. My husband and I are havivg chellenges with our ministry. Though he is gifted on all sides, yet nothing is working. We are on the verg of giving up. Please remember us in prayer.

  6. Marsha turner

    I pray lord will heal my body pain and give me and my family’s wisdom and peace and deliverance for marriage

  7. Anonymous

    Please pray for my protection and marriage. Some family members seem to want to destroy it. Thank You! May the Lord bless you.

  8. Please pray for a miracle for my sister, she is unable to breathe without support. Please pray that the Doctors do all they can for her and the nurses treat her with kindness and compassion. With support she is alert and wants to live and come home. Please Dear Lord grant her that miracle. Please say the word and she will be healed. Amen

  9. I am being abused at my workplace. Please pray for my needs. Thank you.

  10. Natukunda Rebecca

    Please pray for me to get graduation and gown fees, very nice job, financial breakthrough

  11. Please Pray for a Miracle fir sister Linda to wake up and be Well again
    She went into Cardiac arrest twice on Easter for 10 minutes each time and has been on meds for her to sleep
    Now she is off of them and needs to wake up before they remove everything from her
    She does have some brain waves but I don’t know how many
    Thank You & GOD Bless Kay

  12. Father God. I ask in the name and blood of our Lord and Your son Jesus Christ. Because in my own name I am not known and my own blood I am not worthy. For Your glory. For Your pleasure. For my ancestors honor. For my wife’s ancestors sake. For everyone who cares about her For everyone who cares about me. For the encouragement of all who have prayed for us For my wife’s sisters sake. For the angels to be encouraged. For the demons to be discouraged and in despair. For the believers faith to be strengthened. For the non believers to give them a reason to believe, and a witness against them if they do not. Forgive all the sins of my wife and the sins of myself. Bless us with Your salvation and favor give us grace and treat us mercifully. I thankyou for my marriage. I thankyou for the blessings You have put on it. I ask that it last now and forever. I thank you for my wife A, and I thank you how I was blessed with her. I pray to be more patient and trusting of her. I pray that A is never unfaithful to me not even close and that she is divinely protected from this sin. I pray for all of our days you increase our love for another and continue to bless us and make us happier and happier together. I also pray for complete and divine protection from the man who previously tried to ruin our marriage and complete and divine protection from any man that attempts to steal or woo my wife I pray they have no favor in my wife’s heart at all and no favor in her eyes at all. I also must admit that I need help getting a career employment. I have been looking for a career but have not yet got one. If God is willing I ask for a good job with good pay so I may provide for myself and my wife. I ask to always be blessed financially and to have a giving heart to help those when I can and should. I also pray once I have money to be wise with it but also to be able to enjoy it. I also have 15 unspoken requests God knows. I pray and ask and declare all of these things now and forever. I also ask that God protects the health of myself and my wife. That He protects us from all harm and disease, and that we never get cancer. And that we may live healthy long lives that are pleasing to Him and that we die of old age not by anything else and when we do all by His grace alone go to heaven. Each blessing I ask for I pray relies on Your grace and mercy alone. So I never have a reason to boast but always a reason to thank You and praise You in the powerful name of Jesus Christ amen

    • Adenugba Olakitan

      AMEN IJN, believe in GOD and have faith, your prayers will surely be answer!!

  13. Quonisha Latoyia

    Please pray for my fiance Daron Mikle. Please, pray for us! Of all I need it the more. Sister Latoyia, I need it the more.

  14. Please pray for my husband and I to fight this horrible addiction we both are trying to overcome and keep us safe and nothing bad happens to us

    • Adenugba Olakitan

      GOD will help you thru everything and you’ll become a conqueror IJN

  15. Please pray that my sister will be healed and will leave intensive care. Please pray for her clinicians to be guided in her care.
    Jesus you have said seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.’
    I am knocking, I am seeking and ask for the grace of healing for my sister. Amen

    • Adenugba Olakitan

      GOD will grant her Grace of healing and more strength IJN.

  16. May God be praised. I believe you are an answered prayer.
    Last week I was led off from my joy of three months. Up till now I can’t understand what I did wrong but I believe it was God’s will because Satan has no control over me.
    The Truth is, I will be homeless in a few weeks. Please pray for me.

    • Adenugba Olakitan

      GOD will accommodate with Joy peace and happiness, just continue praying with cease.. be safe

  17. Kindly pray for my family and a stop to domestic relationships completely. Thanks!

  18. Adenugba olakitan


  19. Kindly pray for me to get a financial breakthrough..I have a deb(sh.1.4million)and it is too big for me to pay

  20. Anonymous

    Please be pray that my severe depression will recede.

  21. Melvie Azue

    Please pray for me and my husband.We have been searching for a baby for two years now.This coming week,we will be seeing a gynacogist recommend to us by a family friend. Please join me in prayers so the gynacogist will dycnose
    Sort out the problem and possible solutions.

  22. Olaitan Ayokanmi

    Please pray for me I am very sick and I have lost my weight and want quick recovery and more anointing in my ministry

  23. Donald Smith

    I am in need of prayers for me and my wife my wife is wanting a divorce and I need a miracle to come in my life from God and I need all your help to pray for me and my wife and my family of two children my two daughters ass all you please pray for me and my wife to be able to work through our problems and not rush to Hazley into a divorce we need God to come into our life and give us a miracle and bring us back together I ask all of you please pray for me and my wife my name is Donald Smith my wife is Amber Nicole Smith pray for me and my family my two daughters and my wife pray that my wife sees me pray that God brings her back and helps her please pray for me and my wife

  24. I would appreciate healing prayers for my husband Allan. He has 90% blocked arteries and kidney disease and lately his blood pressure has been high. Two years ago he sufffered a mild stroke and people tell him to be careful because of the side affects of the vaccine and even though he took the shots he got Covid.
    I’m asking for his healing. Thank you.
    I would like Mr. Alan Ames to personally pray for him and also welcome prayer worries to pray for his healing. Than you. God bless.

  25. bobnarvaez

    Please pray for my son Chris to avoid jail time for cyber crimes as he is now a totally dedicated Catholic Christian, receiving the sacraments and truly repentant.

  26. Please pray for my children that God will be hedge and a fence of protection around them. Father God wrap your loving arms around my children and keep him safe from harm, danger, illness, sickness and disease. Pray for peace in their hearts, minds, souls and spirits.

  27. Adenugba Olakitan

    I pray for freedom from negative minded, and thought

  28. I pray for my Engineering studies and my Engineering career, as well as my daughter’s Violin study and academics. Please bless us with good health and success in studies, and bless Maxim Sen with safety, success and happiness in his life. In Jesus’s name. All is possible. Amen!

  29. Please pray for me as im in Debt. I pray that my cedit cards be paid in full.please forgive me. Amen

  30. I would ask for a miracle for my daughter. She is living with a girl, and I want to ask for God to deliver her from this lifestyle, and to open her eyes to Truth. Thank you

  31. Hi, please pray for my health and financiers.Thank you Anna P. God bless you.

  32. I would like to request a prayer for GOD to heal me physically. Amen🙏

  33. I would like to request a prayer for god to heal me physically.

  34. I pray for blessings, Grace and financial breakthrough. In Jesus name. Amen

  35. pray for me to get a job .I am 3yrs jobless please pray for me

  36. Please pray for my husband Kevin that God will heal his lungs from ARDS and that he will overcome Covid.

  37. I pray for my son who is suffering and needs God’s help for healing. Thank you Divine Physician.

  38. Jeremy Thompson

    Please pray for my girlfriend Kimberly to get better she’s been very sick for a long time still in the hospital right now. The doctors take away her illness and for her to respond to my Hotmail message I sent her Gmail message and for her to come onto messaging today she hasn’t come on there in a long time I’m very worried about her.

  39. Margo M Snyder

    John Mushock hip surgery Dec3 And now he can’t walk. That wisdom of rehabilitation 6 cl Hazleton LVHC helps him walk on 6 floor
    Jesus long we wait and help usWe trust I n .you … Chrissy miracle

  40. Needs God’s mercy, favor, peace, guidance and protection as I handle the affairs of my deceased brother.. Please pray that God will deliver from confusion, stress and strife.

  41. Dorothea Matthews

    Please pray for my friend and companion, Amos that he will not gamble so much and get out of debt so we can be in a loving, peaceful debt free relationship and marriage in the near future.Take away his depression protect him from harm. Thank you Jesus

  42. Danny Jeremiah

    Please forgive me lord for I have sinned a lot,please give me a another chance to forgive all those I have anger against and please keep me healthy,Dear lord pleas help me in my financial situation so that I can take care of my family.i have understood my responsibilities and I’m really sorry please forgive mr Dear lord I ask this prayers of u .Thank u.Dear Lord.Praise be your name.

  43. in holy spirit namemerge laura bretaan love with I Boniface, marries IBoniface, stay with Boniface ,mom celine ,prevent laura from doing anything ,saying saying,listening, thinking anything to agonize Boniface

  44. I would like to request a prayer for God to please give me strength to stay strong & continue to keep my faith for i am growing old & weak from all the years of abuse ..that I always thought was ” LOVE “. Please do not let me sink & get lost in my sadness & darkness that has been consuming me lately..God please give me wisdom to be able to make positive decisions & be able to one day except love here on earth instead impatiently wanting to leave this earth in believing that i will never know love until I receive the love from you God…& pray that I stop comparing everyone new that i meet to your unconditional & everlasting love. If i continue..I know i will misjudge & be alone. .

  45. I would like to pray Melinda C.May her faith remain strong in you lord so that you may comfort her in time of need of her sorrows &pain. May you remain to give her the strength & courage to continue to love unconditionally & take care of her brothers in their time of need as they go through dialysis for their heart conditions.I ask this in Jesus name…Amen

  46. Please Pray for Martin C.May Martin turn to you & open his heart & find peace the love that he so longs for in you Jesus,Lord our savior. In Jesus name ..Amen

  47. Please pray for my mother,that she will stop drinking. Her years of drinking are now taking a toll on her health ” psoriasis of the liver”. She is just in the beginning stages of her illness. Please pray that she will seek God & one day find strength to stop drinking to be able to restore her health. I ask this in Jesus name..Amen

  48. I pray for Reyes Manuel Maza Jr. That he may one find the love,peace & salvation that he too can find if were only to open his heart & turn to you God. I pray this In Jesus name..Amen

  49. I pray for financial blessings and breakthrough

  50. Please prey for me and my family. I’m currently unemployed and running out of money to support my family. I’m also struggling with alcoholism. May God please give me the strength and courage to quit!

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